Hi, I'm Jordan

mobile / web / game designer, coder, linguist, veteran, cuts own hair

Subjective Skill Summary

Dabbler in all things creative. My passions lie at the intersections of technology, design, gaming, and education.

(60% good at something... what does that even mean?)


Not counting the several "awesome" Geocities and Angelfire websites I html'd in the late 90s, I wrote my first real code in 2011 and started diving in deeper in 2013.

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Ruby on Rails
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Habitual high school homework doodler. In addition to work design opportunities, I also enjoy designing t-shirts, school flyers and creating graphics for non-profits.

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Adventures in Life and Stuff

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AUG 2014
Make School Gap Year
Make School Logo
  • Make School Gap Year
  • Alternative Computer Science Education
  • August 2014 - Present

    • Selected as one of 11 founding class members, out of 150 potential students
    • Participated and provided mentorship at five high school and college hackathons nationwide
Gap Year >>
  • byjor.com
  • Where you are right now
  • HTML/CSS, Bootstrap, SASS, Photoshop

    • Imported and tweaked Neu Profile bootstrap template
    • Redesigned timeline appearance
    • Converted to SASS variables for faster theme-wide color changes
  • Spritebuilder Open Source Contributions
  • iOS/Android game development suite
  • Objective-C, Storyboard, GitHub

    • Implemented font and image previews in menus
    • Learned the art of git squashing
Pull Request 1 >> Pull Request 2 >>
  • Get Piercing!
  • Ridiculous and gory infinite scroller
    (StartX Game Jam Hackathon)
  • Objective-C, Spritebuilder, Illustrator

    • Created all static and dynamic art assests
    • Characters are randomly generated from assets and color options
    • Fancy bloodspatter effect
    • Team: Harlan Kellaway
  • Location and photo sharing app for the parkour community
  • Objective-C, Storyboard, Node, Heroku, AWS

    • Discover tagged locations nearby
    • Add new locations and pictures from the camera or existing photos
Website >>>
JUN 2014
Make School Summer Academy
Make School Logo
  • Make School Summer Academy
  • iOS Game Development
  • June 2014 - August 2014

    • Full cycle product development of iOS mobile game, Powermore
    • Acted as product manager for my classmate's game Lunch Launch
    • Pitched game design and monetization strategy to players and judges at end of program demo day
Summer Academy >>
  • Powermore
  • Arcade-style game with unique UI
  • Objective-C, Spritebuilder, Photoshop, Beatwave

    • Uncommon control scheme of following a player drawn path on screen
    • Harmonious sound effects and relaxing music
  • Shattered Worlds
  • 2D Puzzle-y Platformer
    (Ludum Dare #30, 72-hour game hackathon entry)
  • Javascript, Illustrator, GitHub

    • Placed in the top 5% in 2 categories and in the top 25% in 3 others (out of over 1,000 entries)
    • Designed, playtested, and fine-tuned 10 levels across 5 different world mechanics
    • Created over 50 individual art assets for sprites and backgrounds
Play >>> Results >>>
  • Flacq
  • Real world capture the flag with mobile scoring
    (YCombinator Hackathon)
  • Objective-C, Spritebuilder, Storyboard, Firebase API, Estimote API

    • Uses Estimote beacons as "flags"
    • Allows for creative gameplay by modifying the "real world" rules and letting the app keep score
    • Featured in the 2014 San Francisco Come Out and Play Festival (COAP)
COAP >>>
AUG 2010
UC Berkeley
UC Berkeley Logo
  • University of California, Berkeley
  • BA in Cognitive Science, 3.76 GPA
  • August 2010 - May 2014

    • Emphases in Linguistics, Design, Programming
    • Selected coursework: Computational Models of Cognition, Quantitative Methods in Linguistics, Tangible User Interface, Multimedia Narrative, Creative Writing, Technologies for Creativity and Learning
    • Member of Phi Beta Kappa, national honor society
  • Asteroid Tycoon
  • Multi-Level Mining RPG
    (Ludum Dare #29, 72-hour game hackathon entry)
  • JavaScript, Photoshop, Pickle

    • Placed in the top 25% in 6 out of 8 categories, including Overall (out of over 1,000 entries)
    • Planned and balanced game across multiple variables to optimize challenge curve for players:
      • 6 robots with 7 traits each and multiple tiers of upgrades
      • 21 rock and mineral types with 2 traits each
      • 5 programmatically generated asteroid levels with different rock and mineral compositions
    • Designed all the pixel art and animation effects
    • Helped write in-game narrative elements
Play >>> Results >>>
  • Echolocation Experience
  • Audio-based embodied educational game
  • Processing (Java), Xbox Kinect, Audacity

    • Learn to navigate using only your ears with simulated echolocation
    • Tilt your "wings" to change direction of flight or send out an echolocation pulse
Read More >>>
  • Stampede!
  • Arcade runner with tangible user feedback
  • Processing (Java), Arduino

    • Escape herds of randomly selected stampeding creatures
    • Vibration increases the closer you are to being trampled
FEB 2009
JTG Logo
  • JTG, Inc.
  • Arabic Language Analyst / Intelligence Specialist
  • February 2009 - March 2010

    • Generated and documented time-sensitive Iraqi-to-English translations and intelligence analyses
    • Sorted and prioritized 500-1000 actionable intelligence items daily
    • Sustained effective communication of task division across 30 person team working 24/7 missions
OCT 2008
GameStop Logo
  • GameStop
  • Senior Game Advisor / Key Holder
  • October 2008 - April 2009

    • Handled cash and merchandise assets valuing up to $250k
    • Served as acting manager and efficiently conducted store opening and closing duties
AUG 2002


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